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SOLUMIX is a multifunctional material of natural origin that opens new horizons to industry players.

For the building industry

Innovative, comprehensive, specifically geared towards insulation and fire safety, it meets the fundamental requirements for sustainable development: efficiency, economy and ecology.

  • Insulation,
  • Fight against the fire.

In plate form or in combination with other materials, it allows manufacturers to meet standards or anticipate new regulations in terms of insulation or fire fighting. With Solumix they  choose a flexible solution that does not change the habits of the masons.

For the storage of liquids

  • Secure storage of liquids,
  • Controlled diffusion of fragrances.

The high porosity (90%) of SOLUMIX makes it possible to use it for applications requiring a safe storage of liquids and more particularly of highly volatile liquids (in the case of air transport, for example).

This porous structure makes it an ideal candidate for liquid nitrogen storage (to compete with mechanical cold).

Its alveolar structure is also adapted to the perfumery market: the perfume stored in the porosities of SOLUMIX is released in a controlled way for a slow diffusion of the fragrance.


Increase the performance of your bricks