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Non-flammable fireproof panels

Two grades for firewall applications:

  • SOLUMIX 65-4,
  • READYMIX 65 for manufacturing under license.

Fire resistance:

  • Total fire protection (non-combustible and free of fumes)
  • Suitable for public buildings

The reinforcement of the insulation of the existing buildings, both inside and outside, and the layout of the facades (double skin, sun protection …) is not without consequence for fire safety:

  • Increase in the mass of fuel,
  • Modification of the production of smoke and the kinetics of fires, more complex intervention for firemen.

Classified A1 (non-combustible) due to its mineral nature, SOLUMIX is a non-flammable natural material with outstanding thermal properties.

Its thermal inertia and dimensional stability to fire (excellent resistance even at temperature over 1000 ° C.) make it a material of choice in the field of fire safety. It emits no smoke or toxic gases. SOLUMIX is a response to the entry into force of the new Euroclasses fire standards.

The intrinsic qualities of SOLUMIX give it access to numerous applications:

  • Either to enhance the fire resistance of fire sensitive insulating materials,
  • Or directly as fire-resistant material.

Several uses can therefore be envisaged: combined with clay products, used as a fixing element for facade cladding by creating fire walls, used as filling for partition walls or fire doors (its low density allows it) or alternatively firewall covering of electrical cabinets … SOLUMIX opens up many possibilities.


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