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Natural and breathable insulation

Two grades for insulation:

  • Renovation: SOLUMIX 53-4
  • New Construction: SOLUMIX 53-12

In the form of insulation panels, or laminated with other materials (bricks, blocks, etc.), SOLUMIX is an “all in one” solution, adapted both to the construction of new buildings and to renovation.

A 100% mineral insulating fire-resistant panel that emits no VOCs.

SOLUMIX 53 Technical data

Customized shapes: part of the desired geometry within the technical limit of realization of metal molds (shaping by casting).

Thanks to its thermal resistance and fire resistance, Solumix panels are an «all-in-one» solution, suited to both the construction of new buildings and to renovation.

RT2012 BBC: Solumix insulating fire-resistant panels make it possible to meet the requirements of housing energy low-consumption regulations (including RT2012) for new buildings or renovation.

  • Thermal efficiency: good thermal resistance, elimination of thermal bridges
  • Thermal lag for greater comfort

Minimal environmental impact: Solumix is a safe product, made from
natural raw materials.

  • It emits no VOCs during installation and throughout the life of the product
  • Recyclable

Fire resistance:

  • Total fire protection (noncombustible and without releasing smoke)plaques2
  • Suitable for public access buildings

Easy to use:

  • Compression strength
  • Lightweight, cohesive
  • Easy to cut / machine
  • The panels are directly coated and painted


Increase the performance of your bricks