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SOLUMIX successfully concludes its first fundraising

11 December 2013. SOLUMIX announces it has reached its first major fundraising milestone in November, raising nearly € 600,000. These funds will allow the company to continue its rapid growth in the market for eco- insulating building materials.

Based in Limoges, SOLUMIX brand was founded in 2012 by Richard Gaignon and Christophe Chaput, both entrepreneurs and ceramics engineers. The company has developed a new insulating material, based on natural raw materials, that meets the environmental and economic challenges the building material market is facing.


Freestanding and insulating, compression-resistant, fireproof and light, this material combines exceptional properties that open new opportunities in many applications, especially in the development of new all-in-one constructive solutions (insulating load-bearing element and decoration for example). At first, SOLUMIX focused on the incorporation of the insulating material in bricks, building on its excellent compatibility with clay.


The company is now entering a new phase of development which requires a broader financial base. This first fundraising was conducted among private investors: a company part of CAC 40 benchmark French stock market index, Ceric Technologies, Ornalys and Grand Sud-Ouest Capital, Christophe Chaput, Richard Gaignon and Jean Mérienne). In addition to a solid financial base, the composition of its shareholding allows SOLUMIX to rely on a wide range of complementary skills.


Crucial for financing international business development, these funds will also be allocated to the design of a pilot line for production and insertion of the insulating material in building materials. It will help to explore the extraordinary possibilities offered by this new product by developing and testing the most creative and innovative constructive solutions.


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