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SOLUMIX: two grades are available

April, 2012. SOLUMIX is already available in two different grades: IR4 and IR15 have been developed for the market of insulating bricks. After the autoclave curing process, the structure differs (in particular, the size of the needles varies) to give the specifically required characteristics to the product for each application.

For IR15, the hydrothermal synthesis process ultimately reaches the crystallization step of the xonolithe phase which is necessary to obtain a self-supporting structure (compressive strength of 3 MPa). But it can also be used, for example, as an insulating material in the firing kilns because its application range virtually knows few or no limits…

For IR4, the limestone processing phase is stopped at the intermediate phase (compressive strength of 1.5 MPa).This grade is only meant for filling bricks.


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