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SOLUMIX is exhibiting at CERAMITEC 2015

October, 2015. SOLUMIX is exhibiting with Ceric at CERAMITEC 2015 in Munich from October 20 to 23. This is a unique opportunity to discover this new multifunction component which broadens the range of functions of traditional materials. This new product opens new horizons for building materials thanks to its unique qualities.

SOLUMIX is a xonotlite-based sand-lime material. Its development is based on know-how and patents filed by Air Liquide concerning the formulation and associated production process resulting in an aerated, cohesive, acicular microstructure (made of crisscrossing needles). This process is similar to hydrothermal synthesis, a natural phenomenon observed in particular during natural crystallization of minerals, which is in keeping with the natural origin of SOLUMIX components.

The product shows unique qualities: insulating, cohesive, compressive strength and lightweight. SOLUMIX also offers an excellent fire resistance up to 1,000 °C (A1 classification). In addition to these physical qualities, SOLUMIX also brings to houses a significant environmental quality as it is a naturally occurring neutral mineral that does not leach any polluting compound (no VOC) or dust, neither at the time of installation nor during the lifetime of the product.

These properties make the product open new horizons in building construction or renovation. It is available in the form of panels or associated with bricks.

SOLUMIX panels are available in many dimensions and thicknesses. Depending on the grade, the thermal conductivity is ranging between 0.045 and 0.065 W/m.K. The boards can be mounted to the wall either glued with mortar or attached to a metal frame.

Integrated to the bricks, as a plate between two brick parts, SOLUMIX increases their thermal resistance and fire resistance. It perfectly bounds to the brick and offers very good compressive strength and ligthness performances as well. It helps to develop new “all in one” building solutions leading to a considerable reduction in building time and labor costs without changing masons’ working methods.

Come to meet Solumix team – Hall B2, stand 113/216 (Ceric booth)


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